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  • Negative cut
  • Negative thumb
  • MidSplit® strap system
  • 4mm Cyclone wet weather latex
  • AirLite™ breathable body sublimated in urban camo
  • Speed Sleeve™ extended wrist entry system
  • NEW X-Wrap Control™ palm & thumb wrap
  • Rubber tabbed strap to easily adjust & fasten
  • Punch zone with integrated flexi-cuts to aid movement
  • Lockdown™ internal grip system prevents finger slippage

X-Wrap Control™

The SLYR range debuts our all new X-Wrap Control™ system which wraps the latex around key palm and thumb touch points - this not only gives you additional latex and grip coverage on the edge of your hand, but also locks it into place giving a more secure and controlled feel. Additionally, the system has specific cuts within the wrap itself to deliver additional flexibility, ensuring secure and controlled doesn't mean tight and restricted.

    Cyclone Wet Weather Latex

    The latex featured on the SLYR Blade NGT is our essential wet weather "Cyclone" latex. Specifically formulated to combat tricky conditions, it performs excellently in the wet but will still perform well in the dry providing you keep it damp during game time. If you love the look of the this glove but typically play in dry conditions, splash some water on the palms and you're good to go.

    Midsplit® Wrist Strap

    When it comes to strapping in, our trademark Midsplit® strap system has you covered. It combines elements of a traditional latex strap with an elasticated mid, combining the best of both worlds. Latex fans have that classic feel to the construction while if you ever need that extra tightness, the mid based elastic insert delivers that.

    Lockdown™ Finger System

    The SLYR Blade NGT features our popular internal Lockdown™ system, which fuses silicone strips to the inside of the glove. Each individual finger, the thumb and the palm ALL have a different silicone pattern, specifically engineered to combat and pull against the direction they slip to when gripping the ball. Meaning that your hand stays nice and locked with internal grip - this is great for when your fingers get sweaty and generally give you that increased secure feel.